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About Dudley Funeral Homes

Dudley Funeral Homes' legacy of service was started by Kenneth and Jeanette Dudley in 1957 with one location  in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We have expanded with another chapel just south in beautiful Edgewater, Florida, and own and operate the Dudley Crematory located at the airport industrial park in New Smyrna Beach. Today the funeral home is under the direction of Debra Dudley-Nelson, L.F.D., and her husband Mark W. Nelson, L.F.D.

When care of your loved one is of the greatest concern, we at Dudley Funeral Homes put his or her needs first as well as yours.

We are the only funeral homes in the New Smyrna Beach- Edgewater area who own and operate our own crematory. We cremate only clients of Dudley Funeral Homes and do not cremate for other funeral homes.  There is someone on the premises at almost all times to ensure the safety and security of your loved one.




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