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Below are links to some of the services that Dudley Funeral Home Offers.



     Funeral Options
There are several Funeral options available to you, Church services, Funeral home services, Graveside services at the cemetery. Click on the funeral options above and there is more information available there for you to choose from.


    Cremation Options
Today there are more options with cremation then ever before, if you click on the cremation options button above there is more information available for you there as well.  Cremation prices vary depending on the type of service selected.  Direct Immediate Cremation $875.00  Memorial Service Cremation $1570.00  Traditional Service & Casket Rental Cremation $2870.00.


   Send out options

When a loved one dies away from home, and you want to send them to your local funeral home, Dudley Funeral Homes, can make the arrangements and have your loved one shipped back home for you, in a professional and dignified manner.



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