Why Choose US

When you select our firm, you are assured of the highest standards of service, and the extra care and attention given only by a family owned and community oriented funeral home.


Family owned businesses have a vested interest in serving the community where they live and work:

We believe in families serving families And neighbors serving neighbors


The quality of our relationship with others is guided by integrity:

Money can’t buy it, power can’t corrupt it, fear can’t spoil it. It is a simple, hard-headed devotion to what is right.


Fairness in human relations occur as a direct result of a fundamental belief:

That respect for the individual is the key factor in quality of service.


True professionalism goes beyond the bottom line. It is a constant reaffirmation of a simple value:

Care as much for others as you would care for yourself.


Success measures itself by the standards of others:

Excellence sets the standards to which others aspire.

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